Are you pregnant and looking for helpful services and health coverage?

Apple Health for Pregnant Women (Medicaid)

Apple Health for Pregnant Women, also known as Pregnancy Medicaid provides free medical insurance, Maternity Support Services (MSS), Infant Case Management (ICM), Childbirth Education (CBE) and many other services. More information about each of these services is on this page. For women eligible, medical services are available during pregnancy and for two months after your pregnancy ends: all medical care, including prenatal care, delivery and post pregnancy follow-up by a medical provider, comprehensive dental care, and some vision care. And one year of full medical care for your newborn. Transportation to and from all medical appointments and interpreter services are also available. For more details, especially if you are pregnant and under age 21, please contact the Help Me Grow Washington Hotline at 1-800-322-2588.

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Maternity Support Services (MSS)

Maternity Support Services, also called MSS, are available to eligible women anytime during pregnancy and continue 2 months after the pregnancy ends. MSS is offered in addition to the medical and prenatal care. Services are provided by a team made up of community health nurse, dietitian, counselor and community health workers. All clients are screened for possible pregnancy risk factors. After a screening is completed, the MSS team creates a personalized care plan for each client. All clients receive advice on having a healthy pregnancy, parenting information and, if needed, will be helped to connect with other community services.

Some topics that might be discussed during an MSS visit are: ways to take care of yourself and your family, information and support about pregnancy, how to feed and take care of a newborn, how to eat healthy on a budget, understanding family planning and birth control options and more. MSS appointments can be held in your home, an office, or another safe place.

Infant Case Management (ICM)

Infant Case Management, also called ICM, is available for eligible infants and their parent(s) from the time the baby is 3 months old through his or her first birthday. An Infant Case Manager will give you information, and if needed, help to access medical, social, educational, and other services for you and your baby. ICM includes: home and office visits, screening, referral and advocacy. Transportation to and from all ICM appointments is available and interpreter services are also available.

Childbirth Education Classes (CBE)

Eligible pregnant women and their support person(s) can attend group childbirth education (CBE) classes for free when the classes are taught by a DSHS approved CBE educator. CBE usually starts during the 3rd trimester and the topics include: how to have a healthy pregnancy, pregnancy warning signs, preparing to breastfeed, developing your own birth plan, what to expect during labor and delivery, newborn care and home life. Transportation to and from all CBE appointments is available and interpreter services are also available. To find a childbirth class in your area, call the Help Me Grow Washington Hotline at 1-800-322-2588.

Additional Pregnancy Medicaid Services

After 2 months post pregnancy, women receive a Medical ID card for family planning and/or birth control. The family planning coverage will continue for 10 months after other First Steps medical and MSS benefits end. Medicaid eligible women access alcohol and drug assessments, as well as treatment services. You may be eligible even if you are working, in the military, a single parent, or living with your parents. The program is available to both citizen and non-citizen pregnant women and for newborns through age one. Pregnant and parenting women are a priority population for these services through the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. For more information about these services, call 360-725-3740.