Utility/Housing Assistance

Utility and Housing Assistance

Listed below are several energy and telephone assistance programs that may be available in your community. The best place to start looking for help with utilities is to call 2-1-1. They know current information about local utility assistance programs and can help with other housing needs.

Energy Assistance Programs

Families often struggle with increased energy bills during the colder months. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps eligible families meet home heating needs. This program has limited funds available, usually in the winter months. Learn more on the LIHEAP Washington website.

If your home is not energy efficient, there are Weatherization Assistance Programs. Eligible households can get free upgrades like improved insulation to help reduce future energy bills. Learn more about weatherization assistance on the Department of Commerce website.

Telephone Assistance Programs

These resources may help income-eligible families reduce the cost of either landline or cell phone service.

The Washington Telephone Assistance Program (WTAP) provides low-income individuals a local, telephone landline for $8.00 a month. WTAP also pays for some or all of the connection fee. Learn more about WTAP

SafeLink Wireless - a government supported program that provides a free cell phone and airtime each month for income-eligible customers. Learn more about cell phones on the SafeLink website.

Lifeline & Link-Up are programs that provide discounts on basic monthly service and initial installation or activation fees for telephone service at the consumer’s primary residence. Learn more about Lifeline and Link-Up on the FCC website.

Housing Resources

Requests for rental assistance, eviction prevention and emergency housing are increasing in this economic downturn. Programs and resources vary across the state. Call 2-1-1 for up-to-date housing resources in your community.