WA Coalition on Medicaid Outreach

Washington Coalition on Medicaid Outreach

Washington Coalition on Medicaid Outreach (WCOMO) brings together community-based organizations and state agencies to share information about Medicaid, outreach strategies and health care reform so that more people in Washington are able to access health care.

In 2011, WithinReach began leading WCOMO and is responsible for convening the regional quarterly meetings, sharing coalition communications, providing trainings and expert speakers. WithinReach makes the connections that Washington families need to be healthy by supporting valuable partnerships like WCOMO that improve health for low-income and uninsured residents throughout the state.

For more information about WCOMO and how you can participate, contact WCOMO@withinreachwa.org. 


WCOMO meets quarterly at various locations across the state. Meetings provide a forum for participants to learn about the latest Medicaid policies, efforts underway in Health Care Reform and innovative strategies for Medicaid outreach. Suggested attendees include community-based organizations and agencies that work with Medicaid eligible clients.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

September 18, 2020: Virtual Meeting

December11, 2020: Virtual Meeting

Resources and Meeting Notes

Listed below are handouts and resources from past WCOMO meetings. For more information about these resources, email WCOMO@withinreachwa.org.

Virtual via GoTo Webinar – June 26, 2020

Seattle – December 13, 2019

Spokane – September 20, 2019 

Wenatchee – May 31, 2019