Help Your Clients Access Benefits

Health Insurance Benefit Programs

Helping your clients understand what benefit programs are available, how to apply and where to access benefits can be challenging. Learn more about health insurance programs in Washington State.

The Family Health Hotline

The knowledgeable Family Health Hotline staff can provide professionals with up-to-date information about state-sponsored health insurance and food programs. Experienced staff locate resources in a client’s community and provide eligibility screening and application assistance for many state benefit programs including: Health Insurance for children, pregnant women and adults; WIC (Women, Infants & Children Nutrition Program); Birth control through the Take Charge Program; Basic Food (Food Stamps); Working Connections Child Care Program. Call the Family Health Hotline at 1-800-322-2588.  Learn more about the Family Health Hotline.

Help Clients Communicate with DSHS

Many families are still recovering from the downturn in the economy and many are applying for DSHS benefits. At the same time, the state has cut DSHS programs and staff to reduce budget deficits. DSHS has redesigned the delivery of services for clients and no longer uses paper medical coupons. Every individual enrolled in DSHS medical programs now receives a plastic “Services Card.” Learn more about accessing DSHS benefits.

Find Low-Cost Community Clinics

Some clinics provide medical care to individuals without health insurance at a reduced cost, called a sliding scale fee. The amount clients pay is based on their income.  

Use our Resource Finder to find community clinics for clients.