Family Health Insurance

family health insuranceIt’s important for everyone in your family to receive regular medical care. Health insurance helps make medical care affordable.

Health Insurance for Your Family

WA State has several health insurance programs that serve individuals, families, pregnant women and children.

Apple Health for Kids (Children’s Health Insurance)

Free and low cost health insurance is available for children in Washington State through the Medicaid and CHIP programs. This insurance provides medical, dental, vision and mental health benefits, with no deductibles or co-pays. Coverage may be free for lower-income families. Learn more about children's health insurance.

Apple Health for Pregnancy (Medicaid Insurance)

The Washington State Apple Health Program provides free health insurance (Medicaid) for pregnant women. It provides medical, dental and vision benefits. There are no deductibles or co-pays. Apple Health can also provide social services to help you have a healthy pregnancy. Learn more about Apple Health for Pregnancy.  

Low-cost Community Clinics

Some clinics provide medical care to individuals without health insurance at reduced cost, called a sliding scale fee. These clinics provide good care, but the amount you pay may be less if you have less money coming in. Find a community clinic near you.