HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention

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Did you know that boys and girls need HPV vaccine to prevent cancer?

HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention

As parents, you do everything you can to protect your children’s health for now and for the future. Today, there is a strong weapon to prevent six diffent types of cancer in our kids: the HPV vaccine.

HPV is short for Human Papillomavirus, a common virus. In the United States each year, HPV is estimated to cause nearly 36,500 cases of cancer in men and women. Many of these cancers could be prevented with vaccination. HPV vaccination is recommended for girls and boys starting at age 9.

Why does my child need this now? 

HPV vaccines offer the best protection to girls and boys who receive both vaccine doses. Research has shown that getting the HPV vaccine does not make kids more likely to be sexually active or start having sex at a younger age. Girls and boys are vaccinated well before they are exposed to an infection, as is the case with measles and the other recommended childhood vaccines. Similarly, it’s important to vaccinate children well before they get exposed to HPV.

For more information visit the Center for Disease Control website.
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