Childhood Immunizations

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childhood immunizationImmunizations protect your child from serious disease.

Immunizations (also called vaccines) strengthen your child’s immune system and teach it to fight certain diseases. This will prevent your child from getting sick from these diseases. Vaccines are safe and effective. Most parents have the same questions and concerns about vaccines. Get the answers to your questions on the VAX Northwest website.

When Should I Immunize My Child?

It is important your child receives the recommended immunizations according to the Childhood Immunization Schedules (0-6 years old and 7-18 years old). The immunization schedules are complicated. Work with your doctor or nurse to immunize your child on time. It is best to immunize your child at the earliest recommended age to get the best protection against disease. Many vaccine-preventable diseases are a greater risk to babies and young children.

Immunization schedules from the Centers for Disease Control

If you do fall behind in immunizing your child, there is a way to catch up. Ask your doctor or health care provider about the best way to get your child’s immunizations up to date.